AES Encryption Decryption in webMethods

AES Encryption Decryption This post describes how to implement AES encryption decryption in webMethods. This post is divided into different portions. Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Information about AES Encryption Decryption Java service inputs Java Service for KeyGeneration Java Service to Decrypt Java Service to Encrypt Shared Code Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Wikipedia define JCE as …

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When to use String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer in Java

Any programming language developer(s) should always tend to write code which is of very less impact on performance management of the application. But, most of the developers fail many a times to achieve the same, especially when working with string related operations (string concatenation) in the code which is to be written. So every java …

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SOLID Programming Principles in OOPS

SOLID Programming Principles in OOPS In any object oriented programming language, classes are the main building blocks of the application. In order to make the application robust it should be easily modifiable or extendable with future enhancements and these building blocks (classes) should be well written and easily maintainable. In case these building blocks are not …

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Programmatic Approach of Configuring web.xml

Introduction This tip briefs about configuring the web.xml for any Java/J2ee project using a programmatic approach. Background As a traditional approach, any servlet context and other listeners are configured by making entries in the web.xml file in any Java/J2ee web based application. In contrast to this, the introduction of servlet 3.0 aims to provide a …

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